Emma Israelsson

EMMA ISRAELSSON STOCKHOLM is a new rapidly growing Swedish jewelry brand on the international market and was founded by the Swedish designer Emma Israelsson. The company, based in Stockholm, already has clients all over the world. Emma has always had a great interest in design and communication. After 11 years working in advertising, with 8 years working at a top design agency in Stockholm, Emma begun her own design company – designing unique jewelry that communicates a different kind of message. Emma designs every piece with a particular woman or man in mind. Emma’s jewelry breathes timeless elegance and is made with her Scandinavian signature and a simplicity that makes you want to wear the jewelry everyday. Her design is not the only unique element. Each piece communicates words, blessings and promises and contributes to something good as 10% of the profits will be given to charity. In 2012 her first collection was fashioned – PS23. This beautiful psalm gives us promises of blessings and protection and encourages us to remember who the true and everlasting Shepherd is. “I always had a passionate desire to start a business that matters. To do what you’re really good at and love, to do it with passion and hard work, while aiming for a higher cause. Exquisite designs and success is definitely a goal, but it wouldn’t be worth much if we didn’t have a greater goal, a goal to give back from every little success to someone in need.”


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